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Location: España
Bio: Cnc machines are used in all branches of mechanics, the automotive industry, as well as carpentry and model making, they are also used to build printed circuit boards, and also to build other cnc machines.

By watching the following video you can get an idea of what is possible with a professional cnc machine.

Milling machines, punching machines, bending machines, lathes, laser machines for cutting plexiglass, wood and sheet metal are some of the cnc machines.

A cnc machine using subtractive manufacturing, can be capable of:

Machining brass , creating stamps, making decorative engravings, molds, etc;
Produce items of jewelry, goldsmithery, etc;
Performs shaping, cutting, chamfering, hollowing, drilling and milling;
Produce 2D and 3D prototypes, such as slides, toys, spare parts, etc.
Manufacture of spare parts for aeromodelling, such as wings, fuselages, propellers, balsa wood carvings, etc.
Obviously, in order to be able to perform the work described above, cnc machines must have the appropriate technical characteristics for each type of work.

3D printers, on the other hand, are additive manufacturing CNC machines, in the sense that they build objects by depositing molten filament (FDM).

However, there are 3D printers that can also work in subtractive mode, such as the Power Wasp EVO or the Fabtotum.

The cnc machines for hobby use and therefore economical, can only work with so-called soft materials such as PVC, plastic of various types, wood, MDF or can engrave on aluminum labels. The working speed of these cnc machines ranges from 800 to 3000 mm per minute. The spindle rotation speed is about 18,000 rpm.

If you want to try personally the construction of a cnc machine, you can connect on the Grabcad site where open source projects for building cnc milling machines and lathes are collected for free download. From the same site it is also possible to download models of objects to create with cnc machines.

Another very interesting site containing useful resources for building your own cnc machine is

For more information on mechanical and electronic parts, I recommend reading the document by Ceccato Roberto, 3-axis CNC.

For a theoretical preparation on cnc milling machines, I recommend reading the document Introduction to numerical control milling, prepared by Fablab of Turin. Users who have problems viewing the slides below can connect directly to the slideshare site.
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The numerical control or decimal numerical control is a takumi v10a machine tool automation system.